Speeq makes every effort to protect privacy of its Users. These conditions determine how Users of Speeq can use the functionalities of memory anchors to support the process of remembering words – the service provided by Linnova seated in Szczecin, Poland, 28b2 Harnasiów Street, hereinafter referred to as "Linnova" or "Company".

§1. Definitions
a) "Speeq" or "Application" – an application which enables access to "Speeq Services".
b) "Speeq Services" – a functionality which enables reviewing, creating and evaluating memory Anchors and their automatic exchange between users with the help of servers administered by the Speeq Website.
c) "Speeq Website" – the Company and Administrator appointed by the Company in charge of Speeq Services.
d) "User" – a natural person who reads or publishes Anchors or uses Speeq Services in any other way.
e) "Conditions" – these Conditions.
f) "Administrator" – people appointed by the company responsible for running Speeq and ensuring these Conditions are observed by the Users.
g) "Anchor" or "Speeq Anchor" or "memory Anchor" – contents published by the Users on the Speeq Website with the help of the Application.

§2. Speeq is an application that enables the learning of words in a foreign language and provides users with the possibility of registering Speeq Services, i.e. creating and sharing memory Anchors.

§3. Access to the contents and their publication on the Speeq Website is free-of-charge, i.e. besides the Application purchase price, no additional charges needs to be paid (this applies to the paid version of the Application).

§4. In order to use Speeq Services, it is necessary to register and provide a login, password and email address.

§5. All operations undertaken by the Users on the Speeq Website should be consistent with the intended purpose of the website and currently applicable legal regulations.

§6. The User is fully responsible for his own actions connected with Speeq Services, especially for the Anchors published.

§7. The Speeq Website protects its users' privacy. The Speeq Website reserves the right to disclose collective statistical data concerning particular groups or all users of the website. No data concerning actions of single users shall be disclosed to any third parties or external entities besides the data naturally available in Speeq Services.

§8. The obligation to disclose such data pursuant to the applicable regulations in Poland and courts of jurisdiction constitutes an exception to the provision above. The Speeq Website states and warrants that it does not store all of the information on the activity of users and despite the obligation to disclose such, may not possess such data.

§9. The User who publishes Anchors on the Speeq Website in the form of a propitiatory work waives any and all claims towards the Speeq Website for their use (including removal from Speeq).

§10. The User grants the Speeq Website the irrevocable right to use and distribute the Anchors published by the User in presentations, other materials and websites free-of-charge.

§11. It is forbidden to publish the following contents on the Speeq Website:
a) promoting and disseminating intolerance, discrimination or hatred,
b) encouraging violation of applicable law or whose publication itself is a violation of legal regulations,
c) of a vulgar character,
d) pornographic,
e) infringing copyright of other natural or legal persons,
f) propagating racism or totalitarianism,
g) of a marketing, advertising or announcement character,
h) spam or contents that cause interference in the correct functioning of the website.

§12. The Speeq Website and its Administrators are obliged to maintain the widely-understood tolerance towards the users and keep their welfare in mind when taking decisions.

§13. The Speeq Website reserves the right to:
a) delete any content without prior notification,
b) block particular Users' access,
c) remove a particular User, especially one who violates these Conditions, which results in a ban on using the Speeq Website and/or possibility of adding and evaluating Anchors.

§14. The Speeq Website declares that it is not liable for the users' actions connected with Speeq Services, especially for:
a) the Anchors published by the Users,
b) the consequences towards the Users and other people caused by the Anchors published by the Users,
c) the User’s violation of other people's copyright and shall react to the cases of violation submitted,
d) the User’s violation of rights and tangible or intangible property of other natural or legal persons,
e) any losses, health impairments or financial damage caused by the Website Users.

§15. The Speeq Website makes every effort to ensure correct and uninterrupted functioning of Speeq Services; however, it reserves the possibility of temporary suspension of Speeq operations for technical, organizational or other reasons. The Speeq Website does not provide any guarantee as regards correct functioning of Speeq Services in whole or part.

§16. Every User who makes use of Speeq Services hereby accepts the provisions of these Conditions. Where such consent is withdrawn, the User is obliged to stop using Speeq Services immediately. Withdrawing consent does not necessarily mean closing an account and does not result in deleting the contents or actions undertaken by the User before the consent was withdrawn. The Company needs to be informed withdrawal of consent via appropriate statement to the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , and providing the current login and email address used by the User on the Speeq Website

§17. At the User's express request, the Speeq Website shall close his account. Closing an account does not result in deleting the contents or history of actions undertaken by the User through Speeq Services before the account was closed. In order to close an account it is necessary to send such a request and provide the current login and email address used by the user on the Speeq Website to the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

§18. The Company reserves the right to:
a) freely modify the functionality and method of running Speeq,
b) delete all data from databases,
c) stop business,
d) transfer the rights to Speeq in full or part, transfer the rights to the contents and data of Speeq Users in full or part – in the case of ownership changes, without the necessity of obtaining Users' consent.
Under the aforementioned provision, the User is not entitled to make any claims towards the Speeq Website.

§19. The User gives his consent to having its personal data provided by the User on the registration form processed by the Speeq Website as part of the Speeq Website's data collection in accordance with applicable regulations, including the data protection act of August 29, 1997 and the act on the electronic provision of services of July 18, 2002 as well as with these Conditions with the aim of using all of its functionalities and for operational and statistical purposes connected with providing Speeq Services as well as for marketing purposes. The User is entitled to access his data as well as correct and delete it. By accepting these Conditions the User additionally gives consent to receive commercial information from the Speeq Website by means of electronic communication. Entering personal data is voluntary.

§20. The Speeq Website reserves the right to change the provisions of these Conditions after new services are introduced or new functionalities are made available by means of indicating the conditions of providing such new services and functionalities as well as in the case of ceasing to provide the services or making particular functionalities available.

§21. Every planned change shall be announced by means of publishing the conditions on www.speeq.co

§22. These Rules come into force on January 1, 2011.